About Us

Byrne Woodworking was founded by Frank Byrne in Mountrath, Ireland in 1974 and reborn in Fairfield, Connecticut in 1990. Schooled as a traditional woodworker, skills and techniques being handed down from his grandfather and father, Frank's goal is to perpetuate an ancient quality of craftsmanship, with an eye to new lines and subtleties of design. Using both the newest technology and time-honored techniques, our craftsmen create living and working spaces that communicate the beauty of their natural components. Working with solid woods, exotic veneers, metals, glass, and stone, we are continually compelled to find new and more elegant ways to combine these resources with exceptional fluency and functionality. Whether we collaborate with interior designers, architects, individual clients, or design ourselves, we first consider the harmony of the object with its environment to create personalized living and work spaces one cabinet at a time.

At Byrne Woodworking, our highest priority is a satisfied customer. We have built our reputation on superior quality, design, and customer service.